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Yoon Shi Yoon Can Croon

Yoon Si Yoon / Shi-yoon 윤시윤 is the stage name for Yoon Dong-gu.

This avid book collector (he said he has more than 3500) is well known for taking on diverse roles. He was raised by his grandparents and didn’t go to regular school. He debuted in 2009 with High Kick Through the Roof, a role which won him his first award.

The writer of Baker King Kim Takgu, liked him in High Kick and requested he star in her drama, playing a baker who came from a challenging upbringing. It was this show, which more that 50% of the South Korean population watched, that confirmed his star quality. This role won him five awards and also lead to singing offers for commercials and television.

He had taken on roles in Japan and China and completed Flower Boys Next Door (Cute Guys) before secretly enlisting is the Marines In 2014.

Since finishing his service time in 2016 he has been on many variety shows like 2 Days 1 Night and Law of the Jungle as well as numerous dramas like Best Hit, Grand Prince, Your Honor, Nokdu Flower, and most recently Psychopath Diary. He is currently working on Train for release later this year. He finds it funny as people often ask if he ever did any more shows after Baker King. He smiles and says none with as high of a viewership. Though he did say later it would be nice if they would watch his newer shows.

We will feature two of his OSTs. The first from Flower Boy Next Door.

Our second from the time traveling comedy Best Hit or Hit the Top.

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