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Yook Sungjae wants to be a chicken?!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

While N’flying wanted to be Hot Potatoes actor and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae aspires to be a chicken.

Now as a career goal chicken is not usually mentioned but when you think about it, it does seem like a good metaphor. Chicken is versatile, everyone likes it. It’s especially popular with celebrities or athletes on a diet. It is featured at celebrations, late night gatherings and when you are alone. It’s the go to children’s menu item as well. So like chicken he also wants to be liked by everyone.

In the regular MV actor, singer, soldier, and host Sungjae shows some of his versatility as a “chicken”.

Whatever way you like your chicken: roasted, fried, in spicy sauce 양챼킨 (yangyeomchikin), barbecued 바베규 (babaekyu) and more, you will probably think of Sungjae wanting to be a chicken.


On the topic of chicken songs it is hard to leave this song out. An OST from the kdrama Best Chicken. It reminds you that chicken is good with the song I Like Chicken 치킨이 조아 (chikini joa). It makes sense you want to be chicken when it is raved over like in this song

Here is the lyrics if you want to sing along

If you, like Yook Sungjae, are a chicken why not put your name in it’s place.

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