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Who Would You Choose?

If asked to pick your favorite who would you choose - Park BoGum or Song JongKi?

It’s a question that was asked both in dramas and interviews after the 2016 blockbusters Descendants of the Sun and Love in the Moonlight had aired. For some the choice may have to come down to 가위 바위 보 (kawi bawi bo). After all Rock Paper Scissors settles most decisions for Koreans.

Our clip today is from the KBS 2016 Awards Show‘s Best Couple presentation with Oh Jiho and his 9 year old co-star from Oh My Lady, Heo Jungeun. She also had a role that year as a princess in Love in the Moonlight along side Park BoGum where she confessed to being impressed by BoGum. So how would she respond to be put on the spot?

Check out how she answered the question.

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