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Want to attend a BTS concert for free?

Now is your chance

A special online streaming event by BTS for ARMY! // BANG BANG CON :: The at-home BTS concert experience

Spend a couple of Spring Days comfy at home with BANG BANG CON 🔎 Delays of several seconds may occur due to individual device and network conditions. Please refresh the page if delays persist.

The full lineup for BANG BANG CON follows:

Friday, April 17:

2015 BTS Live

2016 BTS Live º BTS 2014 Live Trilogy: Episode II The Red Bullet (2014 Memories)

BTS 3RD Muster [ARMY.ZIP+].

Saturday, April 18:

2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour in Seoul

2017 BTS Live Trilogy EPISODE III The Wings Tour The Final (2017 Memories)

BTS 4TH Muster [Happy Ever After]

BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself’ Seoul

Fans who want to get a more “live” concert-like experience may link their ARMY Bombs (lightsticks) to the Weverse app. By utilizing the Bluetooth function, the lightsticks will automatically change color to the specific songs, just as they would during a live BTS concert.

It is interesting to see how the size of the audience has changed over the last few years.

🔎 Any unauthorized reposting, copying or distribution of any images and content featured in BANG BANG CON is prohibited.

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