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"Voisper" - A Song For Everyday Situations

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Voisper 보이스퍼 (Voice+Whisper) members DaekwangKwanghoKangsan, and Choongi debuted on February 2nd, 2016. For the month of June 2020 they did a unique yet fun “song a day“ challenge which covered all sorts of situations and genres. Like this one for when the salad dressing won’t come out the bottle (there’s also the one for getting out the last of the toothpaste).

Were you needing a song which will change your boring commute home into the excitement of walking down the runway?

Perhaps you were thinking you needed a special song for when you have passed a level in a video game.

For some it’s difficult getting out of bed in the morning. Perhaps this morning call might help.

Or maybe today you just need a song that makes your thumb go up.

Now they touted this as a song women don’t want to hear at noraebang (karaoke) but what do you think, are they correct?

Maybe you have a crush and your are not sure how to tell them.

For more songs for other life situations check out their YouTube playlist and Instagram.

By the way, their most recent single My Day released on June 23, 2020, five months after their single Keep Going.

VOISPER Official Sites:

Facebook: VOISPER


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