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True Beauty Quiz

There are many fans of the recent drama True Beauty for blending comedy, hope and growth in its characters. Although initially it makes it seem that “ugliness” is blotchy skin and bushy eyebrows as the show progresses you are introduced to ugliness which is more than on the surface and far more damaging.

It seems that audiences can’t help but root for the the three main leads who all have difficulties they have been dealing with even if they are considered one of the “beautiful people“. Cha EunWoo and Hwang InYeop have audiences rallying for Team Suho or Team Seojun as they give reasons why Moon GaYoung’s character, JooGyung, should choose one over the other. Since both have garnered sympathy it’s hard for some to choose. We see, in a recent episode, even JooGyung’s family joining in this as some members are choosing Suho and others voting for Seojun. This even lead to a “friendly” dumpling making competition as seen in a recent episode.

While people are familiar with the story how well do you know the cast. Take our quiz to find out.

How did you do? Were there any answers that surprised you? Are you curious how the main leads would do on a similar quiz, check out their quiz taking.

Newcomer focus:

For Hwang InYeop playing a high school student twice in one year has really benefited this new actor. This is apparent from the growing number of comments on his Instagram pictures (most of his older posts are getting comments now fans are finding out about him). From the start of 18 Again to halfway through True Beauty InYeop’s popularity is certainly growing.

He started acting in the 2018 web drama W.H.Y (available on Youtube) and the Freshman in early 2019. He then took on the historic genre in 2019/2020’s Tale of Nokdu (when he was getting then getting 80 comments per post). This 30 year old however has really found a following playing a high school student.

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