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Top Ten - Snacks to have when watching Kdramas

Here’s a list of snacks that would be perfect for a k-drama binge-watching night! (or any time because they are that good)

1. Tteokbokki is one of the most popular Korean street food, and it’s obvious why! These chewy rice cakes (tteok) are spicy and tangy at the same time and will have you coming back for more! It’s often served with fish cake pieces and sometimes a boiled egg.

2. Samanco is a Korean ice cream snack that’s shaped like a fish. The outer cone looks like a fish, and it has ice cream with just the right amount of syrup inside! There are four flavors: chocolate, red bean, strawberry, and green tea. I’ve only tried chocolate but have heard that the others are equally delightful.

3. Milkis is milk soda. It is fizzy and creamy, similar to cream soda or sprite ice cream float. If you don’t like the original Milkis, you might enjoy one of their many other flavors.

4. Choco pie 초코파이 a.k.a “moon pies” are very popular in Korea. Each pie is a small cake sandwich dipped in chocolate with fluffy marshmallow in the middle. It would be fun to try all the different kinds (banana, orange, green tea, and other specialty versions). Just make sure you don’t sit on one, like the main guy in 30 But 17! (They are also good if you microwave it for 10 seconds and let the marshmallow expand. I hear in Korea they smush it together pressing it into one for a new texture )

So be sure to eat your Chocopie before doing something else as if someone doesn’t sit on it they may just eat it on you.

5. Pepero is ranked number one in best Korean snacks (according to Google). In fact there is even a special Pepero day, November 11th (the date being easily represented by the sticks) It’s a a time to share them with friends and some like to personalize them as well adding extras like letters and sprinkles. It’s perfect for sharing because it comes with several cookie sticks dipped in chocolate or other yummy toppings.

EXO does advertisements for Pepero (including one with Red Velvet) which you can find on YouTube. There is also a popular game that is played on variety shows with Kpop groups with the Pepero

6. Popped rice is a quick, easy grab for k-drama watching. You may have seen them being sold during the traffic jam scene in Boys over Flowers. It doesn’t taste like much, but is crunchy and dissolves in your mouth. Even my picky 2 year-old sister loves it!

7. Binggrae spicy crab chips are a litte bit spicy but taste great and are even shaped like little crabs! Be careful. You might find them addictive! (My dad will eat a whole package before anyone else gets any if he knows they are open so watch out for other people also getting addicted)

8. Boba or Bubble Tea is made with tea or fruit syrups, but tastes like a melted milkshake with chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. There are so many different kinds available. It can be served cold or hot. You might be able to pick some up from a Bubble Tea cafe! You perhaps noticed The Alley in the show King: Eternal Monarch (their hot brown sugar bubble tea is their best seller) or recognize the drama stars who represent Gongcha (my aunt’s favorite drink from there is a lemon yoghurt Boba with white pearls)

9. Hello Panda or Cancho is an awesome choice for kids and anyone wanting a sweet treat. It comes as a box of bite-sized cookies filled with different flavors of creme. There are a variety of cute pictures on each piece!

10. Yakult is a refreshing little probiotic drink. It helps digestion and is good for the immune system. It tastes sweet and creamy. I like it best slightly frozen! In Korean restaurants they give you these as a free “dessert“ when you are done your meal.

Bonus - not just for dramas: Ramyeon (ramen) is often featured in kdramas so makes a good drama or anytime snack. You may find yourself craving some when watching them slurp up the noodles on many dramas. Park Bogum has instructions on how to properly eat the noodles for ramyeon newbies.

Many stars in dramas will have you craving them as well. If you don’t want to wait for the water to heat and the noodles to soften you can eat them like the school students do straight out the package.

I hope you enjoy eating and drinking these while watching k-dramas as much as I do! Check out my drama recommendations which will go well with these snacks.

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