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Top Canadian Tour Destinations - Niagara Falls

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Most of the time when you mention Canada in Korea one place comes up more than any other, and that is Niagara Falls.

Many stars have gone to see this destination like Park Bo Gum, who went with fellow Reply ‘88 cast member Go Kyung Pyo while on holiday. It has been featured in numerous Korean travel shows where the stars do the zip line and the river cruise close up to the falls.

Actress Seo Hyo Rim (Beautiful Gong Shim) and Lee Hong Gi of FT Island went to Niagara as part of Battle Trip.

She convinced him he didn’t really need the plastic raincoat as she snuck one along.

More recently Jung Hae In went there with his friends as part of his travel show. Like others they too did the zipline and boat tour.

On episode 69 of Run BTS the guys were also in Niagara but didn’t get the chance to do the usual zip line or boat tour. Nevertheless they were impressed by the falls and, in V’s case, a squirrel as well. credit to owners (links included)

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