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TEEN TOP Turns Ten

C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky and Changjo of Teen Top 틴탑 debuted under T.O.P Media, on July 10, 2010 with “Clap” and proceeded to release many hit songs. (Originally a 6 member group L.Joe left T.O.P. Media in 2017 after contract renewal talks broke down. He is now promoting as a solo artist and appearing in dramas). Leader C.A.P. (Bang MinSoo), Chunji (Lee Chan Hee), Niel (Ahn Daniel), Ricky (Yoo ChangHyung) and maknae Changjo (Choi Jong Hyun) have been very active on their Vlive with additional promotions for their tenth year. To celebrate their 10th Anniversary the members also remade some of their more famous songs and added extra programming and vlogs to make money in this difficult season with their YouTube channel

They recently posted hand written letters to Angels (their fans) and shared their party on Vlive

Ricky wrote, “Time has already passed we are now celebrating our 10th anniversary. I really think Teen Top is able to endure everything because we have Angel. I am always thankful and will work to become an amazing Teen Top who gives back. I love you.”

Niel’s message reads, “I can’t believe it’s already our 10th anniversary…I am so deeply touched. Everyone, thank you for waiting for us. Please look after us in the future too. I love you.”

Chunji shared, “It is Teen Top’s 10th anniversary! Thank you to our fans who have been with us until now. In the future, I’ll work to continue greeting you with my members as Teen Top. Thank you again and let’s continue to stay together.”

Changjo wrote, “It’s already our 10th anniversary!! I want to continue promoting together happily in the future! Thank you for always trusting and supporting us. I’m happy! Thank you!”

C.A.P commented, “As time has passed, we’ve reached our 10th anniversary and are here today. As yesterday, today, and tomorrow are passing, we’ve gotten here today in the blink of an eye. Let’s be happy.”

Teen Top is known for coordinating quick arm movements with fast paced foot work while maintaining control of their voices. This is well demonstrated in songs like Rockin’, Crazy, To You and many more. As they mention in this teaching video you need to pay attention to foot work for their dances.

They have been performing To You 2020 and Crazy , the rereleased versions of their popular songs from 8 years ago, on music shows along with sharing new songs as Pancake in their Vlive celebration party.

Their hair and dress sense have changed a lot during the last decade but their vocals, speed and skill continue to impress.

Teen Top 화이팅!

Find more by following their team and individual accounts





C.A.P. (Bang MinSoo) Twitter:@teentopbang Instagram:@bangminsu1992

Chunji (Lee Chan Hee) Instagram:@teentop_2ch

Niel (Ahn Daniel) uses only the group Instagram @official_teentop

Ricky (Yoo ChangHyung) Twitter:@T_Ricky_T Instagram:@ricky_teentop_

Changjo (Choi Jong Hyun)



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