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Super Junior’s Win On Inkigayo Almost Was Their Last!!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Having taken first place on Inkigayo for Mr Simple, you would think that the group would be really happy. Yet their acceptance stage of August 21, 2011 seemed awkward and lacking their usual over the top energy. It was only ten days before Heechul’s enlistment but it seemed like there was something more to the stage reaction than just thinking they were going to be starting a separation that would last for years due to member enlistments (which continued until mid 2019 when Kyu Hyun finished).

Kyu Hyun decided to open up on Strong Heart about how a cap full of water nearly lead to it being their last performance. He shared what had happened to him before they went on stage.

But that wasn’t enough to impact the whole group. So Eun Hyuk also began to share his side of the story and what caused him to look so sad on stage.

As more of the story developed Leeteuk felt he needed to share his side of the backstage drama.

With the re-enactment it helped to see how all of these misunderstandings compounded affecting more and more members.

Ironically the song Mr. Simple starts “Because I‘m naughty naughty.“ and goes on to basically say “You can’t get mad ‘cause it's not the way you want it. Stop worrying over little things. It’s not good for your health.”

However, the spiraling drama wasn’t done with the award acceptance as Shin Dong pointed out. Poor Ye Sung was about to get dragged in to the drama as well.

So now you know...the rest of the story.

It’s a good reminder to find out more information before drawing conclusions, eh.

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