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Stray kids all around the world You make Stray Kids STAY!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Stray Kids is a K-pop boy band that was formed through the survival show Stray Kids. They officially debuted on March 26, 2018, under JYP Entertainment, with the song “District 9,” and have since released 8 mini-albums and one full length album. The group currently consists of 8 members:

Bang Chan (방찬) / Christopher Bang

  • Leader

  • Lead Vocalist / Dancer

  • Main Producer

  • Specialty: Rapping, Swimming

  • Fun Facts: Aussie, he has a dog named Berry

Lee Know (리노) / Lee Minho

  • Main Dancer

  • Sub-Vocalist

  • Sub-Rapper

  • Specialty: Choreographing

  • Fun Facts: he was a backup dancer for BTS, he has three cats named Sooni, Doongi, Dori

Changbin (창빈) / Seo Chang Bin

  • Main Rapper

  • Sub-Vocalist

  • Producer

  • Specialty: Writing lyrics

  • Fun Facts: he likes dark things, he wants people to be comfortable around him

Hyunjin (현진) / Hwang Hyun Jin

  • Main Dancer

  • Lead Rapper

  • Visual

  • Specialty: Dancing

  • Fun Facts: he loves watching dramas, he has a dog named Gami

Han (한) / Han Ji Sung

  • Main Rapper

  • Lead Vocalist

  • Producer

  • Specialty: Drawing

  • Fun Facts: he loves cheesecake, he was on "King of the Masked Singer"

Felix (필릭스) / Lee Felix

  • Lead Dancer

  • Lead Rapper

  • Specialty: Taekwondo, Beatboxing, Cooking

  • Fun Facts: Aussie, he loves playing video games

Seungmin (승민) / Kim Seung Min

  • Main Vocalist

  • Specialty: Photography

  • Fun Facts: at first he wanted to be a baseball player, he is a Day6 fanboy, he was an MC on the "After School Club"

I.N (아이엔) / Yang Jeong In

  • Maknae

  • Vocalist

  • Specialty: Singing Trot

  • Fun Fact: he loves ASMRs, he is clumsy, he was a child model, he gets teased a lot by Seungmin

(The group debuted with nine members, but in October of 2019, Kim Woo Jin (Woojin) left the group for personal reasons. He is currently promoting for his solo debut.)

Stray Kid’s music is written, composed, and produced by members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han. Before being on Stray Kids, these members formed the predebut group 3RACHA. Their music can still be found on Youtube, on the channel 3RACHA.

The concept of Stray Kids is that of the feelings and struggles experienced as one comes of age—who am I and where am I going? Topics like depression, anxiety, being unsure of yourself, wishing to break free from the conformity of the world, and being yourself are explored in their music. Being able to make their own music has allowed the members to express their hearts and feelings in it, giving even their lighthearted songs a personal and honest message. Stray Kids fans are appropriately called “Stays” with the idea that stray kids all around the world make Stray Kids stay.

So far in 2020 they have made both an English debut (with the EP Step out of Clé) and a Japanese debut (with the album SKZ2020). They have also released a new mixtape, “바보라도 알아” ("Mixtape : On Track"), "Top" and "Slump" for the "Tower of God" anime OST, as well as their first full-length album, Go Live and its repackage In Life.

Stray Kids Content:

YouTube: Stray Kids / Stray Kids Japan official Youtube / 3RACHA

Instagram: realstraykids / stray_kids_japan_official_jypj

Facebook: JYPEStrayKids

Twitter: Stray_Kids

Official Website:

V LIVE: Stray Kids

Tik Tok: @jypestraykids

One of my favorite Stray Kids songs is “Question,” which expresses the frustration of having so many questions but no answers. Check it out below!

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