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Spring Day - BTS

To finish the week we have a final spring song, Spring Day by 방탄소년단 Bangtan Sonyeondan.

Unlike a lot of spring songs this song reflects spring in Canada.

The phrase repeated in this song is 보고싶다 (bogoshipda). It is "I miss you" in Korean but can also mean "I want to see".

It seems with winter we miss many things. There is a longing for the longer days, connecting with loved ones who are farther away, being able to go outside easily, the colors of leaves and flowers. There’s a longing for blossom petals but it’s snow flakes instead.

Winter is also a separating factor cutting us off from people and places. Travel is risky with the weather and we miss seeing people and places which are only accessible in summer. With the arrival of spring there is once again the hope to reconnect or discover what is new.

I can identify with the pile of laundry as well. Winter laundry seems to pile up quicker in winter, maybe it’s the bulky sweaters and jackets (yet another layer of separation).

It sort of resonates this spring when people feel on top of each other in their homes much like when winter is here.

The longing for things to be different is clear in this MV that has been played more than 316 million times.

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