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Spring 봄 with Roy Kim

The first signs of spring ( 봄 bom) are finally here and so we welcome the warmer days with some spring songs.

First up is 봄봄봄 Bom Bom Bom by Roy Kim. This cheerful song makes one think of walking in the fresh new green and if you’re lucky smelling the cherry and magnolia blossoms like in Korea.

Check out Spring, Spring, Spring below

The MV for the song doesn’t have subtitles but it’s pleasant to watch.

He first got noticed on Mnet’s SuperstarK season 4 when he took first place in the competition (similar to American Idol). The next year his album Love Love Love received a lot of attention with two of the songs, Spring and Love, taking first and second place on the charts. He became the King of Masked Singers twice and has been a popular guest on many variety shows.

Roy (Kim Sang-woo) attended elementary school in Canada before continuing his education in North Carolina where he graduated high school. He graduated Georgetown University before beginning his mandatory military enlistment June 15, 2020.

Roy Kim is currently serving in the Marines. After his training period he was awarded the 'Loyalty Award' at the '1259th Completion Ceremony' for the military branch. The award recognizes those who show outstanding performance and practice the "spirit of the Marine Corps" during training. Many were surprised at his weight loss at this time. We hope he serves well and remains healthy.

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