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SPEED Choreography

Our song of the day, Don’t Tease Me, comes from SPEED. This group probably had the most inventive and challenging choreography in Kpop. It is a real shame they were not given a chance to shine. Many groups have covered this song, including BTS, but no one has taken on their challenging choreography.

Looking at their practice video you can probably see why.

The superman jump rope and the swan moves took a lot of practice and risk. (Not to mention a fair number of bruises) as you can see below.

Sadly they were never given the chance to actually demonstrate all they were capable of and in November 2015 their company announced they were being disbanded.

They promoted Don’t Tease Me with a circus theme, complete with ring master, clown, lion tamer etc. Disappointingly most of the music shows didn’t even capture their very difficult moves, but here is one of their stage performances for which the lightning, camera work, and background didn’t completely distract from their performance.

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