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Song Mino wins a Porsche and a Lamborghini within minutes.

Our clip is from the second episode of New Journey to the West 4. Like other variety shows participants must earn rewards for food and prizes. Their ultimate goal on this show is to earn dragon balls. In this season if they were successful and they collected six dragon balls the members were granted a wish by the network. Some shared their dream was to have their own television shows. For example Mino wanted to do Youth Over Flowers with his fellow Winner members While Kang Hodong wanted to open a restaurant as part of a TV program.

Although Mino lost the ping pong game in the first episode, resulting in a penalty shaving of his head, his luck with games changed dramatically in episode 2 (earning him the nickname Songarak - Song Finger).

His first task as magic finger was to hit the ”reset” spot to get them extra chances.

That done it was time to try for the top prizes, avoiding the sponge areas.

with more chances Mino was again challenged to keep a steady eye.

What do you think. Did they make a good deal With the PD?

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