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Song Joong Ki is needed back in KDrama's spotlight

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Let's be honest, Song Joong Ki (SJK) is almost everyone's bias. He is charismatic, intelligent, athletic and he picks amazing scripts to work on. Everything from Descendants of the Sun to Arthdal Chronicals to The Innocent Man, SJK is a man of talent and awe. Did I mention that he is hot, very hot?? That man can smolder!!

After his divorce, Song Joong Ki has been filming international projects, which had been keeping him out of Korea. His endorsements were seemingly reduced and his public profile remains quiet. Since SJK does not use social media, most of the information from him comes from his personal agency History D&C, official media releases and speculation. Some reports have indicated that Song Joong Ki has faced financial and profile losses due to his "Song-Song" divorce. What no one is able to clarify is whether or not SJK's low-profile is a personal choice, a well-deserved rest from the spotlight or if it was part of his settlement for initiating and seeking closure for his divorce.

We won't offer our own speculation here at K*Boom, but if you want to speculate, here are some articles:

To add to the issue, dating rumours began in June 2020 about SJK dating a lawyer. Both sides have issued strong denials and threats of legal action towards 'false rumours', but netizens are NOT buying it. Song Joong Ki has a history of issuing denials about his romantic life and has previously threatened legal action prior to the launch of his personal, romance news. This has some netizens skeptical of any denial he has since issued towards a rumoured relationship with a lawyer.

The dating lives of some Kdrama stars is a hot issue around the world. From a Canadian point of view, it is hard to understand why people are so angry that he would want to or have possibly found companionship after his divorce. Perhaps his fans are simply sad to see him potentially taken off of the market. But here at K*Boom, we simply want our beloved, hot actor to be happy, healthy and creating new Kdrama's!!

These netizen reactions to SJK's denial of dating posted in CNA Lifestyle (link) shows you just some of the personal angst felt towards SJK dating or SJK's denial of dating:

“He denied that he was dating Song Hye-kyo multiple times [and did so] until right before their marriage [announcement]. He threatened legal action the entire time, then he changed his stance overnight and released news about their wedding. I don’t trust any of his statements. He’s a celeb who puts his agency, advertisement deals and himself before his own fans,” said one netizen.
Another added, “He threatened to sue when he got married, did so again when he got divorced, and now he’s doing it again".

Either way, here at K*Boom, we look forward to more shows with our bias Song Joong Ki. We want to see his smile on the big screen and we want our hearts to flutter, swoon and fly while watching him act. We want more Song Joong Ki!!!

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