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Siwon’s School Rumor

While promoting his movie with Jackie Chan, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon was asked, by the cast of Happy Together, what memorable rumors had he heard about himself. He said the one that stuck in his head was from when he was in school and it affected how he was treated by staff and students.

Most ELF (Super Junior’s fandom) are well aware that Siwon had a different upbringing than other members which often resulted in more rumors and ribbing.

His strict father had definite ideas on how his son should behave and expected him to be responsible for the choices he made. This is why when he passed the audition he had to live as other trainees without the additional support from home for the first while. This way he could be sure it was something he wanted to pursue.

The rumor that he talks about in our clip today was due to his father’s arrival at his school. Now I’m sure it wasn’t like the picture but it fun to imagine it as a scene from a drama with a chaebol father arriving. From that day a rumor began circulating around that Siwon’s dad was a member of the Yakuza mafia rather than a business man.

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