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“Should I Accept His Proposal?”

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Our cute capture today is from 30 but 17.

Shin Hye Sun plays Woo Seo Ri who finds her life “suddenly“ changed. Waking up from a coma after 13 years she still feels like a teenager because she was unaware of the passage of time. Receiving no visitors she decides to find her uncle and aunt but is unable to locate her family. Though she is dealing with a lot of difficult things, she has a bright and cheerful personality. As she tries to find answers, she begins living in her old house with the current occupants which includes Woo Jin.

Yang Se Jong plays Gong Woo Jin. A series of circumstances lead him to believe he is responsible for the death of a girl he liked. Devastated, he begins living a life of seclusion not wanting to get involved in other people’s lives with the fear that he could cause them harm. He comes off odd to most, but he is a very kind man who is just suffering a lot of guilt and hurt.

Ahn Hyo Seop‘s character is Woo Jin’s nephew Yoo Chan. Chan is on the high school rowing team, and he is very outgoing and funny. He and Seo Ri connect right away, and they have a very comfortable and fun relationship. His motto is “Don’t think, feel” which plays into our clip of the day.

Seo Ri has been trying to catch up on the years she missed yet still feels like a teenager much of the time. Her growing attraction for Woo Jin has had her dreaming of a proposal and marriage but she isn’t quite sure she is ready for that. Is Woo Jin on the same page emotionally? Check out our clip.

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