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Taemin of SHINee and SuperM is a kindergarten drop out?!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Lee Taemin, solo artist and member of both SHINee and SuperM, sat down with VIXX’s Ravi for an interview where they talked about his early ambitions to become a star. During the interview Taemin revealed he dropped out of school in kindergarten when the regimental school day was not to his liking. Ravi asked if he took school seriously to which Taemin replied: “Yes, I seriously didn’t want to go.“

Taemin knew what he was interested in from an early age and this lead to his debuting with SHINee at only 14. The other members then would walk him to school to ensure he wasn’t bullied.

Thankfully he also got his other issue sorted out and was able to keep his teeth or that would have created some challenges for this very busy dancer and singer. Curious what that issue was check out the interview.

Taemin has been very busy with the release and promotion of his own solo album as well as SuperM’s album, which ended up coming out at the same time due to his wrist injury.

He has also been updating SHINee fans, while the other members have been doing their mandatory service time, with Vlogs on their official channel. It would be interesting to know what fellow member Key thought of his cooking skills from this episode.

Chocolate cereal is healthy if Taemin says it is.

Fluent in Japanese (he started learning it from the cartoon One Piece) he has now been studying English as well to communicate better with his foreign fans. With solo promotions and a full SuperM album he will soon be even busier once SHINee’s back (Onew is finished, Key gets out Oct 7th and Minho November 14th). SM provided a countdown for their return here.

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