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Seo Ji Sub is Married!!!

Seo Ji Sub (42) and former announcer Jo Eun Jung (25) revealed they were in a relationship just over 10 months ago, and have remained fairly private about it since.

But today, the actor's label, 51K, released this statement:

"So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung have decided to make an everlasting promise together, after meeting each other's most cherished individuals. After promising to be partners for life-based on their love and loyalty toward each other- the couple registered marriage today (April 7) and are now legally husband and wife.

In respecting the wishes of So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung to cherish their happiest, most important moment quietly, the couple will be holding a small ceremony with only family present; instead, during this time of hardship, the couple has decided to make a donation of 50 KRW to the 'Good Neighbors' in order to provide a small amount of comfort and aid. The donation will be used to equip children from struggling families with tablet PCs and smart technology so that they can continue their education during these times." 

Hello. This is So Ji-Seob. Today, I have a new beginning with my life partner [Cho Eun Jung]. On April 7, we registered our marriage, and now I would like to misunderstand you as So Ji-sub, the first and most responsible actor. You may have been surprised by the sudden marriage news, but it's a long and beautiful tale. It was an important life decision we made carefully. I hope you keep watching me in the future and continue trusting me to give as much as I can and have in the past. I know that hearing marriage news when everyone is struggling, can feel heavy but I hope instead you can see I am here, living with a grateful heart, and I will try to bring more good things to you in my acting career. Thank you always. So Ji-sub Dream.

K*Boom wishes the heartiest congratulations to the newlyweds!

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