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Scene Stealer - Kim Won Hae

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

If you have been watching a Korean drama recently and thought, “That character reminds me of someone”, it could be it’s Kim Won Hae in one of his many roles.

Although he is not the main actor he certainly makes you aware of his presence on screen. Kim WonHae has been continually busy recently, often with more than one show at a time and twice with two characters in the same drama.

Born in 1969 his debut role was in 1998, in the movie Spring in My Hometown but his next film wasn’t until 2009 He has worked with many of the actors and actresses in the industry at some point in his career first as a member of SNL (2011-2013) but even more now with his drama and movie career which includes credits for 33 dramas/variety shows , 32 movies, 19 stage performances, 24 others.

His drama break out year was 2017, following Hwarang he was in 9 other dramas that year including Chief Kim, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (two roles), and While You We Sleeping (for which he won the SBS 2017 Best Supporting Actor award). He picked up 2 more Best Supporting Actor awards the next year for his roles in Are You Human Too? and The Ghost Detective.

Perhaps you may have seen him in some of these dramas.

He is rarely given a completely serious character as directors like to incorporate his facial expressions into his roles.

In Korea he is considered to be a 기러기 아빠 (gireogi appa) “father goose” as his wife and daughters are living in Canada for the sake of the girl’s education while he is working in Korea.

You may want to keep an eye out for which show he appears in next or search him out in some of his past dramas. Which one of the dramas he was in was you favorite?


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