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Psychological test with Super Junior’s Hyungs Leeteuk and Heechul

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

On an episode of Super TV Super Junior’s oldest members and career MCs Leeteuk (Park JeongSu) and Heechul (Kim Hee Chul) were paired up to spend 2 days and 1 night together.

Although close they are very different in their personalities and behaviors and as a result haven’t spent much time together outside of group activities so the other members wondered how they would get on.

Born ten days apart Heechul (July 10) has often remarked that it’s a good thing Leeteuk (July 1) was born first or they wouldn’t have lasted as a group as he would have gotten angry and disbanded the whole team.

Heechul decided it would be good for them to see a counselor and assess their personalities more closely.

The first task they were asked to do was draw whatever you think of when you hear the word “rain” but also include a person in your drawing. The second was (while paper is vertical) draw a tree. Then on that picture write what kind, how old, and where the tree is located. Also what time or kind of day it is. (Before watching the clip you should try the drawings yourself).

Were you surprised at the interpretations of the drawings?

Leeteuk has weathered many storms both in his private life (abuse, accidents, murder of grandparents, suicide of father, caring for his mother and sister when they were left with massive debt by his father, emergency gallbladder surgery...) and as leader (the crash of their van which injured him but nearly killed Kyuhyun, new members being attacked by anti-fans, being asked by Donghae’s father before he died to look after Donghae, ”fans” demanding the exclusion of members from the group...)

Heechul also has had many issues to deal with over the years. He has a metal rod in his leg, due to a car accident on the way home from the funeral for Donghae’s dad. This has made it difficult to perform the choreography which has left him feeling guilty and kept him out of the recent comebacks. His feeling of responsibility for not being able to protect his former roommate Yunho after he was poisoned had him using his resources to try and find the offender. He is still paranoid to open his curtains in his own home as many people have been trying to spy on him and he is faced with never ending rumors. The sudden death of two close friends had him retreat even more. His announcement in Feb 2020 of dating Momo from the girl group Twice also brought a lot of stress.

Their initial consultation with the counselor surprised Leeteuk who has been taking his responsibilities very seriously.

Life in the public eye has not been easy. Both however have risen above their personal hardships and continue to be their for their dongsaengs and hoobaes.

Happy birthday to both and hopefully this year brings more happiness and healing.

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