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Picture This - Minho and SUHO looking for you

Our cute capture today is from an April 2015 trip to India that SHINee’s Choi Minho and EXO’s SUHO (Kim JunMyeon) took on behalf of KBS News. The purpose was to gauge how popular Korea dramas and music was in Mumbai. So with a camera crew they headed out in the hopes of being recognized.

Now many kpop fans would love the chance to run into one of their favorite stars but here we have the stars hoping to run into their fans. After a rather disappointing morning, of not finding anyone who seemed interested, things were about to change.

Two years later it was learned that the man who approached them was Ronak Arora, a 26-year-old doctor from Damoh, India. Since 2016 the popularity of kdrama and kpop has really increased. As a result someone who knew Dr. Arora came across the video on YouTube and told him about it. He commented about his experience meeting the well know Korean stars.

If you want to see more of their time in India KBS has put up the four part series.

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