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BTS has collaborated with Ed Sheeran to give us another 'song of the summer' and it is pure JOY!

Our first image, before we even see that Bangtan Boys themselves is a stack of pancakes topped with... *drumroll* butter.

A nod to their other recent hit Butter, which garnered over 100 million youtube views in its first 24 hours. At 58 million views just seventeen hours after its release Permission To Dance is already certifiably a hit.

Lyrically the song is smooth like butter, which for me is a happy departure from Dynamite and Butter, songs which, although written by English speakers felt a little like they weren't. Permission to Dance, has a definite Ed Sheeran flavor about it; even though the British Singer is not seen or heard in this brand new release. His talent as a songwriter cannot be disputed.

Chock-full of BTS "easter eggs" the 'western' styled music video is bound to bring a smile to your face. In fact, I am slightly embarrassed to say, it almost moved me to tears.

Joy is palpable throughout the video, with expressions of absolute glee on their faces as they proclaim, "we don't need permission to dance."

The Music Video tells a story we all know well... life goes on and there can be joy even in the midst of a pandemic.

But when the other dancers (representing you and I) take off their masks, it felt like that joy grew even deeper. The expression on the face of the waitress in her final scene, literally made me choke up.

I was so moved by the even greater joy that is born of hope that hard times are behind us. It is just the sort of messaging so many need at the moment. Stay joyful and have hope... but no matter what life holds for you at the moment, remember... We don't need permission to dance.


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