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Paul Kim’s Relatable Songs

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Paul Kim (Kim Tae-hyeong폴킴 attended school in New Zealand for five years and then studied accounting and marketing at an international college in Japan. However he returned to his native country of Korea to pursue his career as a singer as the idea of being stuck in an office did not appeal to him.

It wasn’t easy to break into the music scene, especially for someone who wanted to write their own songs.

He is now under the agency, Neuron Music which he says is a good fit as they are like friends and he can have a lot of control over his content.

He hadn’t wanted to do love songs as he thought there were more than enough of them already but some of his have become very popular.

This is a quick sampler of his more famous ones In 100 seconds

He has been releasing some relatable songs the last few weeks like Quarantine.

In this fun looking MV he recounts some of the things he has been up to while staying home:

“As I've been stuck at home Desire to do something only increases, Although there are not that many things to do Must do something to feel alive.

Dalgona coffee I made as an exercise Even playing jackstones I used to be good at Oh me transforming into A useful homebody.”

It goes on to look at what he hasn’t been able to do and evaluating what is important.

Holiday is another relatable song he recently released. It’s about how you can make it tho difficult weeks when you know there will be a holiday coming up.

The agency gave him a short holiday with his fam which he recounted in his vlog on his Youtube channel

credit for photos and video to Neuron Music

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