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Our Word of the Week: 따봉 - A Big Thumbs Up!

Updated: May 13, 2020

You may have noticed the myriad of Hallyu and Korean celebrities who have been posting pictures showing thumbs up. They are showing their support for the tremendous work of healthcare professionals around the country with a big thumbs up, under the hashtags #의료진덕분에 (thanks to the medical staff) #덕분에챌린지 (thanks for... Challenge) as part of the #덕분에캠페인 Thanks To campaign.

So, how do you say, "Thumbs up" in Korean?

Fans of "The Best Hit," (aka Hit The Top) will know this one...

Dda-Bong! 따봉!

Thumbs up also means that something or someone is the best!

In the UK they have been clapping, in North America people have been "making noise," in support of health care workers, and in South Korea, they have been letting them know they are Dda-Bong (따봉) with this social media challenge.

So how does the challenge work?

After posting a picture and message on social media people then nominate someone else to do the challenge. For example

On Twitter and through his agency, Blossom Entertainment, Park Bo Gum said "Thank you to the medical staff, volunteers, and quarantine officials who strive for a healthy everyday life for everyone! We hope that your day is healthy and safe, just like our daily routine... thanks to you."

With each star nominating one or more to join it has quickly spread

And not just celebrities but everyone is joining in

including government officials and military leaders

Ji Chang Wook joined in this week with this message:

"Hello, I'm actor Ji Chang Wook. Kang Ha Neul has joined the challenge and nominated me. Even during these hard days, we can overcome any crises. "Thanks to," [healthcare] overcoming. I sincerely appreciate and admire you. May all of you be safe and healthy, and have smiling, joy-filled days. I hope for health for those who are suffering and I pray everyone stays healthy and safe. I nominate anyone who sees this post for the challenge. Keep warm and cheer up :)"

Have you taken the "Thanks To" Challenge?

Ji Chang Wook just nominated you.


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