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Our Bias of the Week: Ji Chang Wook

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

KDrama heartthrob Ji Chang Wook has the "it" factor that sets him apart from the average man. He brings depth to his action roles that some well-known action stars are not always able to achieve. He brings the smoldering chemistry to his romantic roles and a fun light-heartedness to his comedic roles... Just a few of the reasons we have chosen him for our "Bias of the Week."

Ji Chang Wook

Hangul: 지창욱

Born: July 5th, 1987

Debuted: 23rd October, 2008

Agency: Glorious Entertainment

Twitter: @Jichangwook

Instagram: @jichangwook

Mega-star Chang Wook, stumbled into his career in the early 2000's, going with a friend to support him in an audition and ending up landing the role himself. That might spell disaster for some friendships, but it says something of the character of both men that his friend agreed to become his manager instead, supporting Ji Chang Wook as he found his place in the Hallyu industry.

In an episode of "Laborhood on Hire," Chang Wook opened up about his childhood, explaining how hard it was for his mom after his dad died of cancer.

He said, "My mom raised me alone after my father passed. She went through so many hardships while I was young. From that young age and while I grew up I saw her endure so many difficult circumstances." He went on to say that even though he can now afford to buy her expensive gifts he tries to give her the gift of his presence. "I don't give her enough time. I always leave early in the morning and come home late at night. And when I have a day off, I often spend time with friends. ... So I am trying to find ways to spend more time with her."

Chang Wook completed his Military Duty April of 2019, and the very first thing he did was buy his mother flowers. Shortly after returning home, he took a motorcycle trip around Jeju-do with his friends, before starting work on the drama series, "Melting Me Softly."

We look forward to seeing more of this talented actor/singer in his upcoming drama series, "Convenience Store Saet-Byeol," with Kim You-Jung (Love In The Moonlight) and to his upcoming movie "Black Call," currently in production but with no release date set available yet.

[Article edited April 18th, 2020. We had previously reported that Ji Chang Wook would be starring in "Two Policemen but thanks to "Ji Chang Wook's Kitchen" via twitter we received this clarification on two errors in your reporting: 1. Ji Chang Wook's official debut was not in 2006, but on 23 October 2008 in the movie "Sleeping Beauty." 2. The movie "Two Constables" has ceased production and is not going forward due to issues with obtaining its financing.]

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