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One Day, You Know They Like You

Updated: May 20, 2020

Our cute capture today is from the show ExtraOrdinary You (Haru Found By Chance).

The main actress of the drama, Kim HyeYoon, plays Eun Dan-oh who is no longer content to be an ”extra” in school while others get to shine. On her mission to change her lot she begins noticing another forgotten student, who had previously come to her aid but that no one seems to know. Without knowing his name she begins looking for #13 (based on his desk number) and eventually names him Haru (one day).

Haru, played by SF9's RoWoon, charms her and agrees to help her change her fate which draws the two of them into unexpected situations.

In our clip Dan-oh is ready to admit her attraction to others but not quite sure she wants Haru to catch her.

As a bonus the height difference between the leads, even tough HyeYoon wore heels, made for some cute behind the scenes cuts, as seen in the clip below.

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