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Oh, My Baby - Kiss, Marry, Kill?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Oh, My Baby is a few episodes in and I thought it was time for a review of this currently airing RomCom.

I have to admit, the first 15 minutes of the pilot episode, seemed to move a little slowly for me. But we know that pilot episodes have a lot of information to deliver in a relatively short amount of time. They need to introduce all the main characters, set up an over-arching plot, reveal the main conflict, and much more. So we can give them a little time.

What I did discover in the first episode, is that I liked the characters more than I expected to from the trailers for the show. It is the characters that drive the story and for Oh, My Baby, this is a good thing.

Jang Na-Ra's character, Jang Ha-ri, is a single woman who discovers that her child-bearing years may end sooner than they do for other women.

This might be devastating for any woman to hear, but Ha-ri has longed for a child of her own for as long as she can remember. Her work at "The Baby" parenting magazine is a passionate choice and not because she couldn't find a job in fashion, entertainment, or the like.

We find in the first episode that Ha-ri is unlucky in love.

Go Jun's character, photographer Han I-Sang, spectacularly dismisses her advances at an office Christmas party a few years before and leaves her feeling vulnerable and scared to put herself out there again. Despite this, it's clear when they meet again that they have undeniable chemistry and you keep expecting that at some point in the near future, their walls will come down and they will share the sweet and possibly comical kiss we all know is brewing.

Park Byeong-Eun's character, Yoon Jae-Young, which looked like a stuffy doctor type in the teaser is, more importantly, a single dad and old friend of Ha-ri's that treats her like a sister but begins to discover that his affection for her may be something more than brotherly. Ha-ri's mother sees it and is trying hard to convince her daughter that Jae-Young is marriage material.

And of let's not forget Jung Gun-Joo's character, Choi Kang-Eu-Tteum! Bringing to the show the possibility of a 'Noona Romance.'

He enters with a bang, an earnest and kind young man, who's unique upbringing has made him both sensitive to the "plight of women," and completely insensitive to how uncomfortable and awkward he can make them feel. Many times you feel as if Ha-ri wants to kill him.

Without sharing any spoilers, I will say that by the third episode these three men, all become a potential father for her much-longed-for child.

The real romance centers on the blossoming relationship between Ha-ri and I-Sang, and I quite enjoy watching I-Sang fall for Ha-ri after promising he never will.

I don't know if you have ever played the game "Kiss, Marry, Kill"* but it seems as if Ha-ri's character is playing it multiple times per episode, but always with the same three names; I-Sang, Kang-Eu-Tteum, and Jae-Young.

How about you... who would you rather #KissMarryKill?

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