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Updated: May 20, 2020

Lest we forget our favorite bias' while they are enlisted in their mandatory military duty, Oh, How We Miss You, is a little reminder about what makes them great.


Birthday: November 16th, 1991

His Instagram: @phs1116

Twitter: @zea_hyungsik

Park Hyung Sik, is my bias. Oh yes, he is a million years younger than I am... and possibly more mature.

But that doesn't stop me from imagining we will someday star in a noona romance drama together; because of course my sloppy excuse for Korean will be quite perfect by the time he get's out of the military. And yes, I may have photoshopped Park Bo Young out and me in to this picture. But all fans do that... don't they?

The "visual" (aka eye candy) for Kpop group ZE:A, Park Hyung Sik, debuted with his band on January 7th, 2010 and quickly became a fan favorite. He made his acting debut on Foolish Mom (2012) but it was his roles on Heirs (2013)

and High Society (2015) that showed the world that he wasn't just a pretty face and nice voice. He was highly entertaining and had legitimate acting skills to boot.

PHS first caught my attention as the handsome crown prince in Hwarang (2016) and solidified his place in my heart as the twitterpated CEO of a gaming company in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017).

Have you watched Juror 8, yet?

If not... DO!

We all seem to have a little extra time in our government suggested self-isolation but there is no reason to be bored. Park Hyung Sik’s role in Juror 8, was everything I hoped it would be. It gave us exactly what we were looking for from this adorable human. His character was equal parts naïve, innocent and tenacious.

Yes, we’ve seen his cute and innocent looks on his variety show appearances. Who can forget ‘Baby Soldier’ on Real Men? Or his excited face when he joined the other flower boys on Two Days and One Night. But there was something much more highly evolved in his acting for Juror 8, than we have seen before.

There was an absolute believability about his character that outshone even some of his more experienced co-stars. Perhaps this believability came from the role being tailor made for him. The character was based on his reputation as "Baby Solider" and was written with that same nativity in mind. PHS has said in interviews that this actually made things harder for him, as he had lived and matured a lot in subsequent years and had to struggle to remember what he was like back then.

There is no evidence of that struggle on the screen however...

When he sat pouring over paperwork, it wasn’t just that you could see him thinking, but it felt as if we knew exactly what he was trying to work out in his head. When he stood facing down the judge (the remarkable actress, Moon So-Ri ) we could believe that this young, inexperienced man was fighting for the truth, while still trying to show respect to someone he believed deserved the honor.

It will be interesting to see how Park Hyung Sik’s character develops during his military service, I think we have a lot to look forward to when he returns.


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