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Need Fresh Produce? Let the Fresh Men help.

Our fun song of the day, “Oh Fresh Men” is the only single by VF6DOLE, this group is comprised of the 6 actors in the drama including Ji Chang-Wook, Kim Young-Gwang, Lee Kwang-Soo, Supernova’s Jihyuk, Sung-Ha, and Cross Gene’s Shin Won-Ho.

"Oh Fresh Men is a chorus of hope presented by the actors despite their busy shooting schedule to the fans. The spectacular strings and brass performance stand out in this song in which the 6 young men sing about bravely going forth into the world with high hopes"

For lyrics and more

Bachelor's Vegetable Store (Korean: 총각네 야채가게) was a South Korean television series starring Ji Chang-wook, Wang Ji-hye, Kim Young-kwang, Park Soo-jin and Hwang Shin-hye. "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" is based on the true story of Lee Young-Suk who started selling vegetable at a small store in 1998 and now owns 33 vegetable stores nationwide.

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