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From Home by NCT U

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Today's Song of the Day is "From Home," from NCT's newly released 2020 album RESONANCE Pt. 1. The song is performed by the NCT sub-unit NCT U and showcases the members' vocal talent.

Home is more than a building you live in, it is having people support and care for you in a way others wouldn’t. Now with 23 members from far away places like Canada, US, Japan, China, Thailand, as well as from all parts of South Korea, From Home looks at how the NCT members have become family while finding a new ”home” with each other.

NCT U is unique in that there are no fixed members in the unit ~ the members or even number of members in each comeback are usually different. The members featured in "From Home" are NCT 127's Tail, Yuta, and Doyoung; WayV's Kun; and NCT Dream's Renjun, Haechan, and Chenle.

Adding to the feeling of home for the members this song also features lyrics in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. Enjoy this sentimental and creative ballad!


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