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NCT’s Mark Lee versus an egg

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

On the second season of Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, Mark Lee (NCT & SuperM) took on the challenge of making an egg. Now while this doesn’t seem too complicated this multi-talented Canadian found it more difficult that he anticipated.

While this provided some amusement to viewers, one fan decided (without naming names) to ask Chef Gordon Ramsey for his take on the finished dish. His response was pretty clear - get a new boyfriend.

This was pretty funny to the other members and his cooking skills became something they wanted to test.

Recently on an episode of NCT World 2.0, eggs once again became his challenge. MNet’ s producers wondered if his skills had improved in the two and a half years so he was tasked with making 23 sunny side up eggs (one for each member).

After his initial effort many of the members wanted to offer some helpful suggestions (knowing they had to eat them). They were very supportive and even insisted the shells would just provide extra texture.

Eventually he got enough edible eggs cooked for all the members (who disguised the greasiness with ketchup) and his task was complete.

MNet wanted to know if Gordon Ramsey would accept the improvement an put up this tweet. (so far there has been no response)

What do you think? Would Mark make it as a Master Chef? Is there an ingredient/dish that you find difficult to cook?

Mark isn’t the only Kpop singer to have trouble making eggs. Look at some other group members here.

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