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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Our music video of the week, is a performance by Teen Top’s Chunji, Niel, C.A.P., Ricky, Changjo, and L.Joe.

Rocking/No Joke (장난이냐) is from six years ago, but is still impressive.

It’s hard to forget the formidable footwork of the guys of Teen Top (틴탑) so we are featuring them this week.

To quote the chorus the footwork here is “장난 아니에요” (jangnan aniaeyo) “no joke”.

Not forgeting the fact they can do that for more than three and a half minutes and still sing (without even looking like they’re gasping for air). In a word it’s awesome.

It’s easy to see how they have inspired and impacted many, of the newer groups, with their popping. Check out the footwork in the dance version below. We have also added the official MV which has subtitles. The stage performances on the music shows are impressive as well and can be found on YouTube.

#TeenTop #Rocking #틴캅 #장난아냐 #kpop

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