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Memorable Kim Dong Wook

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Our featured singing actor today is currently starring in Find Me In Your Memory .

Last year’s Daesang and Top Excellence Actor winner, Kim Dong Wook was interested in music and drama for a long time.

While still in grade school he announced he wanted to be an actor but his parents weren’t keen so he ran away from home. He said when he “came back a week later, it was a holiday, and my relatives were gathered and my parents and the relatives teased me, ’You've run away’.”김동욱(배우)

By his third year of high school he did get their permission and spent four months preparing for the entrance exam to the drama department of the Korean National University of Arts, to which he was accepted.

His break out performances included 2007’s Coffee Prince and Unstoppable Marriage. Since then he has starred in numerous films and dramas, including Radiant Office and 2019’s Special Labour Inspector (for which he won 4 awards). Audiences are enjoying his role in his current drama Find Me In Your Memory.

He is currently more focused on acting than singing or variety shows, but did appear on King of the Masked Singer and sang OSTs in the past, like the duet below from Fly High.

He enjoys singing but is often confused for the DJ - JK Kim Dong Wook and other singers by the same name, which makes it difficult for him to get credit.

He played a ski jumper in a movie but does enjoy sports in his downtime especially “skin scuba” (skin diving refers to a mix of snorkeling and freediving). He has also done soccer and boxing as pastimes. One thing he doesn’t do is social media. He claimed his phone didn’t even have a selfie function and that he only contacts people but phone .

He completed his service time in 2016 as a member of the riot police division.

He says his small head makes it difficult to fit hats though

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