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Mapo Fashion with Winner’s Mino and Block B’s P.O.

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Winner’s Mino (Song Minho) and Block B’s P.O. (Pyo Ji Hoon) have been friends for years having gotten close during their time at the Hanlim Arts High School where they also acted in the school‘s production of Hamlet.

Their friendship continued to grow after as they were training together. Mino felt very bad when he got chosen to join a group. He said he cried and slept over at P.O.’s house that night though it didn’t seem to bother P.O. he felt apologetic. That group didn’t last and P.O. got picked up by Block B the following year and Mino went on to join Winner.

More recently they have been showing up on variety shows together like 'New Journey to the West‘ where their closeness has been evident.

Song Mino has been long been seen as being someone with strong style ideas. He often adapts clothes and creates unique styles on his sewing machine for him self and others. This spring he was chosen to participate in Louis Vuitton’s show which got a lot of attention as well (see photo on left). P.O. however likes to wear designer items but tends to buy many of the items he likes in different colors from designer brand (Polo in particular).

So in a new series the PD decided to put the fashion knowledge of these to into play and see whose fashion resonated with the public when they didn’t know who wore what. In the first episode they were just asked to comment on each other’s fashion as viewers were taken into their closets.

In subsequent episodes they were given 10 minutes to put together an outfit for the specific scenario (which they both got into with an unasked for role play). The winner would be awarded the first fashion badge (collect 5 to get a gold one). Check out the first competition to see who will win the first fashion badge.

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