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Long Neck Looks - K*BOOM Exclusive

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Recently, some very famous Kpop and Kdrama men have been posing with an accentuated, long neck. These celebrities are already blessed with a long neck and can extend them further for dramatic impact. This "Long Neck Look" (a term coined at K*Boom), is in major photo shoots including Elle, Vogue, Chanel and more.

Our K*Boom team has come up with a few ideas as to why the "Long Neck Look" is trending:

1) Sexy & Alluring

2) Accentuate the chin

3) Tech Neck is now trendy

4) Best camera angle for the face/highlight their best features

5) Soften a look

Here are a few "Long Neck Looks" and you let us know what your favourite look is and why you think it is trendy. Do you find this look sexy or cool?

Taemin & Lee Dong Wook (LDW) pull the look off the most frequently. Tell us whose "Long Neck Look" is your bias!!





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