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Lee MinHo Is Looking For His Princess

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Lee Minho, currently starring in The King: Eternal Monarch, is today's actor/singer.

Minho has long been interested in music and said that if he wasn’t an actor he would have become a singer. He previously released two albums and numerous singles including Always, which he made for fans before his enlistment in 2017.

He gained attention from the drama Boys Over Flowers, but prefers his roles in Faith, Legend of the Blue Sea, and now, The King. He also liked filming the documentary DMZ, The Wild, in the demilitarized zone, where they explored the flora and fauna that has flourished in no-mans-land.

Pictures from the filming of his current drama are on his Instagram: @actorleeminho and on his agency MYM’s site @myment_official (Fun fact: His older sister, Lee Yong Jung, is the CEO of the MYM Entertainment agency).

Promiz2014, his fundraising organization, continues to raise money, with the help of Minho and his fans, to ensure people have access to clean water and other humanitarian needs while working with groups already in the countries where the need is. This included building wells in Malawi, and projects in inner Mongolia, as well as donating to groups like World Vision. Our song today is "Little Princess," which, coincidentally, is who he was looking for at the start of his latest drama.

He was accompanied in this performance by The Royal Pirates Kim Moon-chu, Soo-Yoon (EXSY), and James Lee.

As a point of interest James Lee (playing the bass in this video) has been busy as an independent artist in recent weeks and has released some new songs including Over Us, Habitual (by Justin Bieber), Alright (with Amber) (the MV airs this Friday, May 1, 2020, on Amber’s YouTube), and Bad Day. Sadly, he is no longer able to play the bass due to a freak accident but James has not given up on his desire to continue in music and the artist connects daily with fans (especially those supporting him on Patreon even though currently he must do it without an agency to help him out.

You can find James' latest offerings on Spotify, Apple Music, or on his YouTube at JAMESLEEOFFICIAL (Instagram @jamesjhl). Check them out today!

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