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Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In An will Touch Your Heart

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Yoo In Ah and Lee Dong Wook are back together again after their successful roles in Guardian (Goblin) and they are as charming as usual. In Touch Your Heart (진심이 닿다) Yoo In Ah plays an actress famous for her appearance and bad acting. To revive her career she tries for a role as a lawyer’s secretary. To gain experience for a role she gets a job in a law office for a by-the-book lawyer, played by Lee Dong Wook, after his boss volunteered him for the job.

While things get off to a rocky start they both begin to respect and admire the other to the point where they have rely on secret communications in the office.

There’s also the risk of being discovered but any good actress can make a cover story quickly.

There’s many cute and funny moments in this drama and it’s worth watching. The supporting cast is also great and contribute many warm and funny moments as well.

Our poor love sick lawyer (played by then 26 year old Park Kyung Hye) falls in love so quickly but has trouble securing the affection of the man, especially as they think she is older than she is.

It seems like romantic office relationships may be some what contagious.

The whole show has you rooting for the entire cast as they try to navigate their new work environment which is undergoing a completely change now following the arrival of out starlet.

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