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Korean Spanish Word Game

VAV recently had a South American tour, following their collaboration with De la Ghetto and Play-n-Skills. So Hello 82 decided to fast track their Spanish skills with the telephone game.

In our first clip they are given a single Spanish word to pass along to the Spanish speaking De la Ghetto. Easy right. The fact that R and L are the same letter ㄹ in Korean shouldn’t pose a problem.

I think most would have struggled with that word or even the English equivalent. It’s not surprising that most people say ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor instead.

In our second clip BaRon has to answer the Spanish question that Lou, Jacob, Ziu, and De la Ghetto pass down the line.

Well done BaRon for using non verbal cues (even if they were unintentional).

The full episode can be found here

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