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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Meet Steady A.K.A. Lee Hyun Kyung!

Steady may not technically be a rookie. He has been making music professionally for over 6 years. A little different style than when he started as part of a high school rock band or when he got noticed on Hidden Singer.

Steady debuted with 어느새 봄이었다 Love is Always Vivid on March 12th, 2017, but struggled finding a good agency.

He's just come out with a fantastic "comeback single", One Fine Day on palindrome day, February 02, 2020. (02-02-2020).


Why did you chose the stage name Steady?

"Steady !!! 꾸준하다 의 뜻 인데.

지금까지 음악활동한게 저는 정말 너무너무너무 ×1000000.... 힘든 상황들이 많았어요. 그럼에도 꾸준히 ... 끝까지 버텨보자 해서 스테디라는 이름으로 바꿨답니다 "

Steady !!! It is a reminder to keep steady.

So far, I've been doing music so much that I've had so many difficult situations. Nevertheless, I changed it to the name Steady because I wanted to stay on to the end "

What's Your Agency?

A Entertainment Official has been with me this year. I have a lot of covers and songs on the Youtube page.

What singles can we find out right now?

My own?

One Fine Day came out February 20, 2020

You Make Me Nervous 처음 보는 나 came out on March 24, 2018

Love is Always Vivid came out 2017.3.12

and you can find Listen, 007, and Her as well as many covers on A Channel Official YouTube

How can we find you online?

On Instagram: @keep.steady

Twitter @keep_steady and VLIVE I try to do Vlive shows at 6pm KST on Wednesday and Instagram lives on Tuesdays and Thursdays at night, like 10pm to connect with Teady Bears.

I also have a fan cafe at cafe Daum

When is your birthday?

It's easy to remember. My birthday is one-two-three. 12.3 (He grins... in translation, he means December 3rd)

What's your blood type?

I'm blood type: A

Where are you from?

From, Seoul

What is your fandom called?

Teady bears (like Teddy but I’m Steady) They're my teady bears. They make me so happy.

Who's in your family?

My father, he's good at piano.

My mother, she taught me English using a stick, she made sure that I studied hard.

And I have a hyung. (older brother)

Did you always want to be a singer?

As a child I wanted to be a dentist or a car mechanic. I didn’t have any time to do fun things as I was always studying but in my second year of high school I decided to pursue music and even had a rock band.

Who is your favourite group?

I really like Rascal Flatts, that surprises people right. Callum Scott and Steady (smile) are my favorite singers.

Anything you do before you go on stage?

I empty my mind and think pleasant thoughts

Favourite performance you’ve done?

My favorite performance was on 2020.2.27 at MCountdown. My least favorite was on Music Bank on 2.21 as the pink suit I had to wear was too big. It made me look like I was a little boy wearing his dad’s clothes.

What makes you feel the happiest?

When the fans listen to my song and like it.

Favourite food?

Cheeseburgers any cheeseburger

Favourite fruit?

Mangosteen 망고스틴!!

What do you do to relieve stress?

I play Kart Rider (online game). I have even played against my fans before.

First thing you do when you wake up?

Yawn and go back to sleep ㅋㅋㅋ I usually wake up at the same time in the morning even if I stay up late.

Favourite girl group?

Umm that’s too difficult to answer... Twice, Red Velvet, 3YE, Dream Catcher... I can not list them all.

Do you regret giving up being a member of Got7?

I think I was not qualified enough.

What do you like doing on the weekends?

I usually rest. I like to sleep.

Favourite book?

Count of Monte Cristo

Favourite Colour?

Black, white, yellow, dark blue and grey.

What is your dream?

To get married and have a family. Yes, my best day will be after I have my wedding.

Steady has been recently promoting on music shows beginning in late February (he was not a fan of the pink suit for the MusicBank performance as he mentioned) and most recently on Show Champion last week. He is sad that there was no live audience as he was looking forward to singing in front of fans. He was also disappointed that he had to cancel his mini-concert so he put on a special Vlive concert that even his international fans could join in. He has been engaging with fans on his Vlive and Instagram live weekly and has even shown them some of his private photos and memories. Make sure to follow him to connect and find out more about his current and future projects.

Steady 감사합니다.

UPDATE (October 2020):

Steady has self produced three new songs for release (one in October, November, and December). He has also started a website where he posts about new songs and fan meets. He will also have an auction for some of his personal items.



More articles about our favourite rookies will be coming soon!

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