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Kimchi (Making) Time!

Updated: May 18, 2021

Winter preparations in Korea mean making kimchi. Every family has its own recipe and method but it’s often a full day (or even two-day) process, making sure there’s enough for the coming year. First-time kimchi makers usually gain a new appreciation for their mothers and grandmothers. For newbies, the sheer number of ingredients can seem shocking, as seen in this clip from Boys Over Flowers

For Jung Ilwoo (from High End Crush, Cinderella and The 4 Knights) he discovered that his family’s kimchi-making was a two-day process and that he could make cute cabbages.

For the guys of 5urprise (actors Yoo Il - After School: Lucky or Not, Evergreen), Seo Kang-joon (When the Weather is Fine, Are You Human Too?), Gong Myung, (Revolutionary Love, Bride of Habaek) Kang Tae-oh (Run On, My First First Love) and Lee Tae-hwan (W: Two Worlds, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Touch) really began to appreciate their mothers as they did their winter preparations.

Ravi, of VIXX, put those in his agency to work making kimchi. Xydo, Cold Bay, and Homie perhaps saw his lack of skill in the Idol King of Cooking (see our article) and felt it would be on them to do it right. At least they had the kimchi mat which some forget to get.

In the drama, Because This Is My First Life, Nam Se Hee (Lee MinKi) had taken his first day off and gone alone to his “in-laws” to join the family kimchi-making time. Something his “wife” never thought he would do.

Despite it being his first time kimchi-making he is trying his best for Ji Ho’s (Jung SoMin) sake.

Other stars shared kimchi-making photos on Instagram

With so many dishes calling for kimchi, it’s good to have some prepared

Singer/actor Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) teams up with KMC (Kimchi Man) to make 40kgs of kimchi but they face some challenges along the way. How will they fare with the wheel of kimchi destiny?

With a strong flavor and spicy glow are you a fan of kimchi? How do you like to eat it?

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