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Kdrama Hidden Object Search 🇬🇧 Flag (The Union Jack)

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I’m not sure if it is intended but it’s interesting how many dramas have a British flag (🇬🇧) appear at some point in the show. In some the Union Jack is pretty obvious and hard to miss like a rug in Best Hit and Mute or a fridge in Healer, Doctors, and most recently Oh My Baby.

Sometimes it’s a box or container either in plain view in the room

or hiding in the background like in Warm and Cozy where you had to look a bit harder.

Sometimes it’s a feature of the main room in the home like Strong Woman and Suits

In Descendants of the Sun they used a fridge magnet.

It also showed up in the first episode of Because It's My First Life

The hardest ones to find are the small subtle ones like a suit pin, poster or, in the case of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, a sticker on a book that they just happen to put in the frame.

Next time you are watching a drama keep an eye out for the flag 🇬🇧 and let us know what show and episode in the comments. Happy hunting.

It’s interesting to note that Kpop also have a fair share of Union Jacks as you can see from some of these MVs

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