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K-dramas for Kids - Recommendations from a Young Fan

Top 5 Kid-friendly K-dramas for April, chosen by a kid

I am eleven and I love k-dramas! Here are my favorites and a brief description of each! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do no matter how old you are.

First up I chose

1. Extra-Ordinary You.

Eun Dan Oh [Kim Hye Yoon] is a high school student, and the only child of a rich family. Sadly, she has had a weak heart since birth. One day she realizes she is just an extra in a comic book world but doesn’t want to be. When she meets a nameless extra, Student Number 13 [Rowoon of SF9], Dan Oh decides to try and change her fate with the help of Number 13.

(The height differences with the leads were cute too, Kim Hye Yoon said she often got a stiff neck looking up at her male co-stars)

2. One Fine Week

Jung Da Eun [Seo Jisoo of Lovelyz] is a normal 21 year-old girl. Little does she know that her life will change big time after meeting Kim Byul [Seo Jisoo], her look alike and the lead dancer of the girl group Angels. Byul had agreed to do a dating reality show, but she is a little sick. When she met Da Eun, Byul asked her to swich places with her for just one week. Da Eun of course said, “Yes!” to her new friend.

Byul’s mannager tells Da Eun that she will be doing the dating show with a member of the boy band ENDEST. Han Jung Woo [Shin Jun Seop of MYTEEN]

If you enjoy it like I did well guess what!? you can see Seo Jisoo and Shin Jun Seop again in “One Fine Week 2”!

3. Best Mistake

Kim Yeon Do [Lee Eun Jae] is a high schooler who is trying to get rid of a boy who likes her. Yeondo’s best friend Yuna [Joo Hyun Young] tells her to find a picture of a boy that she can use on social media to claim her boyfriend. Yeondo does that but soon finds out that the boy in the picture is Ji Hyun Ho [Kang Yul], an extremely popular student in her class and known by the whole school. When fake boyfriend, Hyunho and the class president Juho [Yoon Jun Won] start liking her things get crazy. Also, check out “Best mistake 2”!

4. EXO Next Door

Ji Yeon-hee [Moon Ga-young] is a normal 23 year old girl who loves k-dramas and k-pop especially the group EXO. She soon finds out that EXO has moved in next door and her mom is making Yeon-hee be EXO’s maid, although her mom doesn’t realize that it’s EXO. Chanyeol, D.O., Sehun, Kai, and Baekhyun soon start liking her. Who will Yeon-hee pick?????? It’s a mystery!

(You don’t have to be an EXO-L (fan of EXO) to enjoy this show. It’s available on YouTube)

5. I Am Not a Robot

Kim Min Kyu [Yoo Seung Ho] is allergic to humans! He has a dangerous physical reaction if he comes in contact with another person.

When Jo Ji Ah [Chae Soo Bin] pretends to be a robot, but she is shocked to find out that her new “owner” is MinKyu who she met before. Sadly MinKyu thinks he is crazy for falling in love with this new, very life-like robot named AG3.

Little does he know that it’s actually Jo Ji Ah, since she is the only person he has been able to touch, without a near deadly reaction, in years.

What will happen when he finds out she is a human and that she deceived him?

Watch to find out!

(My younger brother also liked this one so it’s good for boys too)

I hope you can enjoy Kdramas as much as I do and watch them as a family. I will be back with more recommendations in the future.

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