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Jung Hae In finds it too hot to handle?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Jung HaeIn ( While You Were Sleeping, Something In The Rain, One Spring Night) filmed a travel show, Jung Hae In’s Travel Log, while on a trip to New York City and Niagara Falls last fall. He had been coached on what to do while filming a unscripted show as he was unfamiliar with the ‘talking while doing” aspect of variety shows. One of the suggestions was to be sure to try the local food and describe it to the viewers while you eat It. This was easier said than done.

On his first day he decided to try some of the New York street food. Having been told Americans like their food bland he decided to get extra hot sauce because he likes his spice.

Check out his impressions of his NYC food cart meal.

That was not quite what he expected. So how about the American burgers he had heard about but never tried?

He was quite pleased with all his new experiences and being able to cross things off his bucket list. It was fun watching him discover things and want to share with his friends who joined him later.

For this 32 year old his youthful looks sometimes came into question, like when he went for the famous NY oysters.

These were just clips from the first episode. Overall Jung Hae In’s Travel Log was a pleasant way to see the sights of New York City and Niagara. The show is available on KOCOWA and Viki.

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