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Jasper Cho’s a CEO

Canadian Korean actor, singer, and businessman, Jasper Tae Kwan Cho (조태관) has two new business ventures as of March 2020.

Known for his roles as Daniel Spencer (Descendants of the Sun) and K (My Secret, Terrius), Jasper Cho, has recently taken on the CEO (대표) role of two new businesses.

He, along with his wife, Noh Hye-Ri, officially opened their coffeehouse, Bree Coffee (브리커피) located at 131-14 Cheongdam-dong (청담동 131-14) in the Gangnam district of Seoul On March 28th.

This eclectic vintage café has a bright and warm atmosphere as the couple focused on all the details as they put together a place to welcome guests.

They are open for americanos, lattes, tea at 7:30 am, which may be a nod to his Canadian background as this isn’t typical of Korean coffee places which tend to open later In the morning.

If you arrive later you may want to sample the ‘“croffle” which looks quite tempting.

Perhaps you just want to take time to relax in the peaceful surroundings as Jasper Cho does.

Amidst the busyness of this new venture, he has also been performing in a stage production of Lucky Romance and other film and commercial engagements. If that wasn't enough this father, of a very cute little boy, has also taken on the CEO position at a clothing store for mothers and children, Ramzi Theory, which wants mums to look beautiful TOGETHER with their child.

You can catch up with what else he has been up to lately on his Instagram @jasperrrrr or his YouTube account


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