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Is that Kwon Ji Yong or G-dragon - Big Bang’s Fashionista

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Fans often think about going to South Korea and running into their favorite celebrities but how likely are you to recognize them in person when you are more familiar with their stage persona.

Kwon Ji Yong better known as G-dragon (GD) (G for Ji and Dragon as that is what Yong means in Korean) is the probably one of the best known members of Big Bang and probably one of the wealthiest Kpop stars. On an episode of Infinite Challenge he was surprised (and perhaps a bit disappointed) that he was able to walk around the market without being recognized.

Now to be fair he has had so many styles over the years it would be hard even for the seasoned fan to pick him out in some of his many styles.

Ji Yong was born August 18th, 32 years ago, which is why he says his favorite number is 8 (8/18/88 with Big Bang’s debut the day after he turned 18).

He first released an album at the age of 6 with a group called Little Roo’Ra. He was shocked when their contract was suddenly terminated by the company and said he was done with trying to be a singer. However he was scouted by SM Entertainment during a family holiday and was a trainee there between ages 8-13 (during which time he participated in a hip hop album becoming the youngest rapper in Korea).

He then began training at YG Entertainment with fellow Big Bang member Taeyang (Dong Young Bae), though this usually meant the boys were cleaning the studio and fetching water bottles for other artists. Taeyang (in the bandana) posted a photo of the two of them from their trainee days for GD’s birthday today.

They had been told they would be debuting as a duo GDYB but then the company changed their minds. G-dragon, though disappointed, then invited his childhood friend Choi Seung Hyun to audition when he found out they would now be part of a boy group. Initially Seung Hyun was rejected but tried out again and was able to join under the stage name T.O.P. They had a shaky start as trainees but were able to go on to be one of the biggest Kpop groups.

Known for his love of art and fashion just how much has he changed his look over the years? For some of us it’s difficult to see a style change in 5 years but how about for GD. Well, some fashions he was willing to try again even if it was just to comment on his previous styles.

Check out some of his many styles.

Which ones were hits and which were misses?

How likely would you be to recognize him on the street? His look differed more than just a baseball cap and sunglasses.

He posts a lot of his art and styles on his Instagram including a funny comparison photo to his look at an award ceremony that was likened by netizens to sushi (above). While this was just a small sample of his looks it does show how difficult it may be to spot your favorite star.

While many of us get in a fashion rut it would be hard to pin down G-dragon’s style to one descriptor other than with the word flux. It continues to change as he adapts and designs his own clothes (his shoe collaboration with Nike sold out immediately). Would you be as bold in your hair or clothing choices?

As tomorrow marks the 14th anniversary of his group, Big Bang, hopefully he is able to get together with band mates and share memories with them as he has spent more than half his life with some of them. Perhaps they will look at their fashions in the early days and get inspired for a new clothing line.

While they have all recently completed their military training, their comeback has been derailed due to the restrictions regarding concerts and travel. G-dragon and T.O.P recently moved into new apartments and Taeyang is adapting to being at home full time with his wife. Happy birthday day Kwon Ji Yong on 8/18 and happy 14th anniversary Big Bang on 8/19.

We will finish with some recent posts by Taeyang on his Instagram which are good reminders for anyone looking for direction in these changing days.

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