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“I’m Loving You”- Joo Won

Updated: May 2, 2020

Moon Jun-won is better known by his stage name Joo Won. His father came up with the stage name for him as the Korean pronunciation of Joo Won sounds similar to "God-willing".

He had studied music and drama in high school and then continued his education in Theatre and Arts at Sungkyunkwan University.

Later he became involved in a television performance group Frees, which formed as part of a children's TV program.

Joo Won then debuted as a musical actor before making a name for himself as a serious dramatist.

The widespread recognition came after taking on the role of the antagonist, to Yoon Shi Yoon’s character, in the 2010 drama Baker King, Kim Takgu. This drama had a 50.9% viewership in Korea by the final episode which led to many offers. It was through his 2012 drama Bridal Mask and his 2013 role in Good Doctor, as an autistic savant who works as a pediatric resident, that his fame as a dramatic actor was cemented. He is shooting the sci-fi drama Alice just now for release later this year.

He has usually participated in at least one OST for each of the dramas he has been in so it’s with one of these from Good Doctor, we will feature as our song of the day.

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