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How well do you know 3rd Generation Kpop

Third generation kpop is considered to be groups between 2011 and 2018. Many of these groups struggled in their early years to be recognized in the difficult Kpop market in Korea. Thanks to the work of second generation groups, like Super Junior, Big Bang, and others, many we were able to find success with the Hallyu wave which tapped into foreign markets. While the early years were difficult many have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. The best known 3rd generation group is Bantang Sonyeondan (better known to international fans as BTS). They have gone from begging people to come to a free concert to being the best known group world wide.

So how many of these hard working 3rd generation groups do you know?

Were you able to recognize more than 20?

Were you able to make a bingo or two?

Who are your favorite 3rd generation groups (it may even be one we didn’t list), let us know in the comment.

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