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How To Get Noticed On "Lives"

Have you ever wanted to get celebs to notice you on Livestreams, but no matter how often you say, "Hi from Canada!" Or "Oppa you're so handsome" or "Say my name!" They just don't notice your posts?

Many V-Lives, YouTube Lives and Insta-Lives have hundreds of thousands of viewers. There are literally thousands of comments every minute. So how can you stand out from the swarm?

No. 1 - Say Something Different!

After much research on the subject I have compiled a list of some of the most common comments.

There is always a range of comments asking if they either a) know who BTS are or b) Are a member of BTS. Unless you have joined one of BTS's lives I can answer that on their behalf.

a) Yes, they know who BTS are. Pretty much everyone in Korea if not the world know who BTS are at the moment.

b) No, they are not a member of BTS. They are not V, or Suga, or RM, or J-Hope, or Jimin, or Jin, or Jung-kook so asking this is actually a bit insulting. Even if you are part of Army... BTS is highly successful. You don't need to insult other idols to make sure they are okay.

If you are a fan... you should already know this!! And even if you suffer with face-blindness, you should be able to tell who they are from their name when you opened their Livestream.

20% of comments are people asking, "marry me?" or more commonly, "merry me, oppa!" and sometimes, "I'm already legal age, so we get married, right?"

The are some variations but the sentiment is always the same. I like you... You don't know me... but I dream that someday you will see me ask you to "merry me," (along with dozens of other fans) you will single out my comment and fall in love with my aggressiveness. We will get married and have beautiful talented babies together.

Let me assure you... this won't happen. It has never happened and it will never happen. And this comment blends into the hundreds of other comments just like it.

50% of comments usually start "Oppa say..." or "Can you speak..." These occasionally get read, but more and more stars are wary of reading things in languages they are not comfortable in. The danger is that they may accidentally say something insulting and lose fans from that language group as a result. And yes... this has happened.

Calling them, "Daddy", "Honey", "Sweetie", or commenting on their appearance often makes your bias uncomfortable. I have seen many livestreams where someone reads a comment like "Why U handsome, Daddy" and stops due to embarrassment. Or they say a quick "thanks", and do their best not to read any more of them if they can help it.

A general rule of thumb is, if you see a question being asked quite often, don't ask the same thing!

No. 2 - Know Who You Are Talking To

There are so many ways to get to know your favorite K-Pop or Hallyu star before or even when you have joined their live-stream. K*Boom has loads of detailed information about your favorites. Typing their name into our search bar is just a start-- and a simple search of their name on Google or Asian Wiki will bring you all sorts of information. Use that information to ask them questions tailored to them. If they were on a drama recently you can ask them what the experience was like.

If you find out they like to cook, you can ask them their favorite thing to make. If you discover they have siblings, you can ask what it was like growing up with all sisters... or all brothers... or as the youngest in the family. If they are taking song requests ask them to sing one of their favorites. Or one of the songs on their latest album.

Show you know them by complimenting the their accomplishments rather than their looks. And don't ask them questions you could easily find the answer to... "What time is it there?"

No. 3 - Pay Attention to the Reason They Are Live Streaming

Often live-streams have a purpose beyond simply connecting with fans. Usually they are promoting something, be it a drama, variety show, album or single.

Try asking questions about their most recent endeavors: What was it like filming in such cold weather?

Do you have a favorite scene?

What episode was the most fun to shoot?

Which is your favorite song on your new album?

If they are doing a mukbang or cooking live, ask their favorite food growing up. Ask what food they hated as a kid, or what food they could eat the most of without getting tired of it. Ask what food represents their personality... try to surprise and delight them with your questions. This may take some planning on your part but it will help you get noticed.

Many celebrities live-stream during the holidays. You might ask questions about how they celebrated growing up or what their favorite holiday is and if they have a favorite memory from it. Help them engage with their whole audience and not just you... the result will be that they notice and appreciate you!

No. 4 - Speak their language!

Many celebrities do speak a second language... but it may not be your language. Rather than asking a million times for them to say phrases in your language, take the initiative to learn a few basic phrases in Korean... or even better, have your comments and questions prepared in both Korean and English (or your native tongue). This is relatively simple to do with free apps like Papago. You can copy and paste them into the text box and voila! - you have offered them a translation of your question which will give them more confidence to answer you.

If you are really eager to communicate with your fave Korean celeb, it really isn't too hard to learn to read Hangul and start to form some simple sentences. They will be impressed that you tried.

No.5 - Don't Join Just to Insult Them...

We all know there is an abundance of negativity online these days... don't add to the noise. Some commenters seem to think they will get noticed if they say something insulting. But please remember that celebrities are just people with the same range of emotions as you have. Many of them have grueling schedules and they use precious spare time to communicate with fans. They may struggle with imposter syndrome, or comparison, worrying they aren't as good or as loveable as another celebrity. Encourage them... appropriately. Commend them for their hard work. Focus on what they do well, rather than areas you feel they should improve.

Don't send them to bed! I have seen many, many comments from fans saying things like, "you look tired, Oppa. You should sleep." "Go to bed, Oppa."

THEY ARE ADULTS! And they have set aside time to spend with their supporters, thank them for it, but trust that they are mature enough to go to bed when they need to.

Rather than saying, "You're too skinny, you should eat." Ask them, "Would you do a mukbang for us?"

That will ensure they eat and it gives them something to do as they try and entertain fans. A general rule of thumb should always be, don't comment on a person's weight. Period. They will likely already have agencies or managers constantly making comments about their appearance, they really don't need to hear it from fans also.

And don't fill up the livestream just to talk to your friends or spam them with emojis!

There are all sorts of other ways for you to communicate with other fans. Other fans are also there to chat with their favorite celeb so don't fill up the comments with your private conversations. That's just poor etiquette.

No. 6 - Do Use Questions "Guaranteed to Make You Fall in Love"

Psychologist Arthur Aron (amongst others) developed a list that he claimed guaranteed to help two people fall in love. It included 36 questions in three stages. I have tweaked 25 of these questions and personally tested them in live-streams with much success. So... to help you stand out from the swarm, try these:

  1. If you could have a meal with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

  2. If you could be famous for something else... what would you like it to be?

  3. What would be a "perfect day" for you?

  4. What do you feel most grateful for?

  5. What language would you like to know without having to learn it?

  6. Is there something you still dream of doing?

  7. Do you have any embarrassing moments you can share?

  8. At what age did you learn the most about yourself?

  9. If you could speak to anyone in heaven, who would it be?

  10. Did you have a favorite teacher in school?

  11. What is the worst physical pain you've ever suffered?

  12. What scent/smell reminds you of your childhood?

  13. What song lyrics have had the biggest impact on you?

  14. When do you feel your best?

  15. What's the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

  16. At what age did you start to think of yourself as an adult?

  17. What do you do when you're feeling lonely?

  18. Do you dream more about your future or your past?

  19. What would make you immediately fall out of love with someone?

  20. Do you like the sound of your name?

  21. Which wild animal do you wish you could have as a pet?

  22. What's a childish thing you still love to do?

  23. Do you feel anything is missing from your life?

  24. Do you believe in fate/destiny?

  25. Do you think you would be a good parent?

And remember, if their English isn't great, do try adding the Korean translation.

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